Mothers, Daughters and the Heroic Journey

IMG_1173-1024x768Mothers of nine- to twelve-year old daughters, I will be co-leading a program for you and your daughter that I think you will love.  Meg Agnew, Cindy Parrish and I are delighted to again be offering our fun, lively, and meaningful workshop for mothers and daughters to take time together to bond and grow at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts.

In co-leading the program last summer, I was moved and inspired by the joy that mothers and daughters experienced together and the support and insight that mothers offered one another in our mothers-only discussion times.  You can see the joy in these photos from the workshop last year, and it warms my heart to anticipate sharing this experience again this coming summer.  Kripalu is a beautiful setting, with delicious food, excellent yoga classes, a panoramic view of the valley, and a private beach.Kripalu lake view

Here is the description of the program:

Mothers, Daughters, and the Heroic Journey

July 20–23, 2014 Sunday–Wednesday, 3 nights

 At the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

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For at mothers and their daughters ages 9–12.

Presented by Meg Agnew, SuEllen Hamkins, and Cindy L. Parrish

Mothers, you can choose to be a vital part of your daughter’s coming-of-age journey.
Using theater games, visual arts, writing, and sharing, the creators of this weekend invite you and your daughter to explore what it means to thrive as an adolescent girl while you deepen your connection with one another.

Gain wisdom and insight by looking back at who you were around the age of eleven, while your daughter explores what she cares about and who she is becoming. Experience the power of invoking ancestral support and see what that support has to offer both of you. Share with other mothers in a mothers-only discussion group while your daughters explore who they might become in playful and meaningful ways.

In this workshop, you can

  • Experience a greater sense of connection as mother and daughter
  • Know yourself better through the question, Who am I right now and what is nurturing this vision of myself?
  • Gain tools, ideas, and resources to create support beyond the workshop and foster depth and closeness during the coming-of-age years.

 Note We ask that each mother and each daughter please bring a picture or item that represents a female ancestor—whether you are related to her or not—whom you admire and would like to “invoke.” Also, each mother/daughter pair bring a small object that represents something that you both love or value.

 Children in this program must be accompanied by a parent or adult who is registered for this program.

 Online registration is not available for this program. Please call Kripalu Registration at 866-200-5203 to register.


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